Friday, May 1, 2015

The late April garden

I left a mostly gray-brown garden to go to the hospital, and brought my new baby home to things in bloom.  

White "alba" bleedingheart, planted bareroot in fall 2013.  They didn't bloom last year so I am thrilled to see them this year!

Grape hyacinth, planted by some previous owner.  I find the foliage kind of ratty when the blooms are spent, but the little purple flowers are cute while they last. 

Virginia bluebells, also planted by some previous owner.  The foliage and flowers are so pretty, but they die back completely and leave an empty spot in the garden.  I'm still figuring out how to keep things looking good all season with the here-and-gone perennials. 

A small serviceberry bush, a gift from a friend last fall.  Supposedly there will be berries to eat later, but for now the fluffy buds are pretty enough to be the whole show. 

Dwarf iris, came with the house.  I'm torn on these because I love them- but they haven't bloomed well the last three years and are encroached by grass that I don't know how to remove without disturbing the tubers.  

We also have fern tendrils, hosta tips, lilac buds, and various green things leafing out all over the place.  Between garden and baby it's going to be a summer of watching things grow. 

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